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Course Catalogue

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Searching the Course Catalogue:

In this example I have entered the course catalogue by clicking on the file “Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid”. Therefore I get to see the catalogue structure of the Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid. If you want to search for a course in the entire course catalogue you have to select “Search Entire Catalogue”. Otherwise you are only searching in the specific category where you entered the catalogue and most likely you will not find your course.



Browsing the Course Catalogue:

If you want to browse the course catalogue, select the category you want to browse and click “Go“. In this example I chose the category 2013-2014.



Now it may seem as if nothing happened, but at the top of your screen you can see that you are now in the category 2013-2014.



Since there are only categories and no courses in 2013-2014, you will not see any courses and have to go a category deeper into the catalogue. In this example I chose “Minor Economie en Beleid” and by the number in the brackets (7) I can see that there will be 7 courses in this category. Don’t forget to click on “Go” after selecting your category.



After clicking “Go” I now see the 7 courses in the category “Minor Economie en Beleid”. At the top of the screen I can see the path to the category.



For enrolling: just hover your mouse over the course and an arrow will appear that will enable you to enroll.